My new display at Encore!

I’m thrilled to display my new line of paint, Heirloom Traditions Paint, at Encore!

I painted this hutch using the color Brittlebrush. I used clear wax and highlighted some areas with dark umber wax to give it that aged look.



Oxidized table.

How many times have you tried something that hasn’t worked?

I try just about everything and sometimes it just doesn’t turn  out the way I had planned.

 A friend of mine had read how to oxidize a table and wanted to try it on her dining room table. Oxidized wood looks very old and bleached by the sun.

Pictured below is a picture from Restoration Hardware that looks similar to the look she was trying to achieve.


The table started out like this (pictured below)…but it was outdated and she wanted a new look.



  Her project turned into a huge mess with sanding, stripping etc.! She called me in a panic because it was the week before Christmas and she was having company… Yes, she would be entertaining on this very table! We either needed to paint it or throw a tablecloth on it!




I mixed and applied a very thin coat to achieve this look on this table. I have leftover CeCe paint so I went to town with Cinco Bayou Moss, Dover White Wash and Seattle Mist. The more I work with chalk type paints, the more I realize that “less is more”. It is not latex so you don’t need to apply the paint really thick! I love to use a sprayer bottle and pull the paint to  a very thin layer. That is what is so great about painting with these paints… you can get a thin layer and it has a beautiful look. The fact that there is virtually no prep work involved is the best part of all!


I also painted the vinyl on the chairs to look like distressed leather. She was just thrilled with the results!

This is what the chairs looked like before:


(I used Cinco Bayou Moss and Savannah Stain to make the cushions look like distressed leather.)

 The chairs are painted with Sedona Red, finished with a Hickory Stain and Bingham Copper wax for an added luster. The chairs really have so much depth but it’s hard to see in the picture.


 **We still need to paint the wood underneath to match the metal base.

IMG_3358Next we are going to try making a mirror look old to hang behind the table on the far wall. The room doesn’t get much natural light so it will help to make the room appear larger as well as bring additional light to the room.

Stay tuned for the next phase of this room!

How I fixed a ruined poster.

Last year when I had water in my basement, it ruined a poster that my 23 year old son had purchased when he was in college. It wasn’t a big deal to get a new one but I thought I would try to fix it and make a Christmas gift out of it.

This is what the poster looked like before I started.



I knew I would have to make it look old because it was so damaged.

First, I ripped the entire border to make it look old.  I used a ruler to hold down the boarder so I wouldn’t rip into the picture.


I figured the poster would lay flat when I got it wet. I got the back of the poster wet with a rag.

IMG_2882There were some rips and tears after I got it wet but I knew it would add to the overall character of the poster.

(You have to be careful with the poster, but, the bubbles come out when you get the poster wet.)


I mounted the poster on some MDF board but it was crooked… bummer!

Next step… I took a jigsaw and randomly went around the poster to fix this problem.


Hmmm. Now what?

I figured I would have to build a frame around it or it would look stupid. I went to the hardware store and bought some wainscot, built a frame around the wainscot and applied an old shelf to the bottom.


I painted, stained, “mooshed” and dabbed until I got an “old pub feel” on the wainscot.

It is very textured and weathered looking.

I also used stain to make the edges of the poster and the poster look old.IMG_2892

I added some hooks to the shelf and found this bottle opener too!

I knew the bottle opener would be perfect for the shelf since the poster is called “Pubs of Columbia”!


This is the end result. The dimensions are about 2’x 3′.

 I have to admit that I did not intend for this to be such a big project but I really enjoyed the process of taking an old poster and creating this as the end result.


Bohemian nightstand

This is my first project using Heirloom Traditions Paint. I wanted to do something bohemian because I think the colors are very fun and carefree. I used the boxes in the cubby hole for my color inspiration. IMG_3150For this piece I used Tanya, Brittlebrush, Daredevil, Mocha and Naval. I waxed it with the umber wax to give it that old, worn look.

Painting the town…

“As you grow older,

you will discover that you have two hands,

one for helping yourself,

the other for helping others.”

Audrey Hepburn


Today I witnessed a wonderful thing.

I dropped off some paint  to give to local artisans to use after the horrible tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri.

Here is my story behind the donation.

I no longer sell CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay paint. Don’t get me wrong, CeCe is an excellent line of paint and I thought long and hard about leaving the company, however, there were a couple of reasons for me to switch brands.

The leftover paint and the colors that didn’t sell well with CeCe was probably the number one reason for going with another line.   “What should do I do with the leftover colors that didn’t sell well in my territory?”

Donate it to make something beautiful out of something so horrible…the events in Ferguson, Missouri.

For the past several months, I have witnessed all of the horrible events that have taken place in my city.  I have felt pain, fear and  have been uncomfortable with all that has happened. I have wondered what I could do about the situation. The violence is so sad and it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on, it is tragic. When I saw a post on Facebook by a friend’s daughter, Molly Rockamann, requesting that they needed paint and painters to paint the boarded up businesses, I knew immediately what I was going to do.

There is a group of artists called “Paint for Peace” who are helping in Ferguson. You can read about it here.

I was excited to donate but, I am sad to admit, that I was also a little fearful of what I was going to see and experience when I drove to the drop off site…

it was right in the heart of the aftermath of all that has happened.

I drove by homes in Ferguson on this beautiful day in Missouri: it was 55 degrees. People were raking their leaves like nothing had happened.

This was a place that residents of Ferguson called “home”.

Such sadness.

Such hurt and pain.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have my town torn apart like this and to be fearful in a place I called “home”.

To my surprise, it was peaceful.

As I drove along the street, I loved seeing artists painting and making the boarded up businesses look pretty, at least for a brief time until they can rebuild.


I went to the drop off site and was greeted by the nicest group of volunteers. They squealed with joy when I opened my trunk full of paint. One little girl said, “Look at all the pretty colors… I love orange!”

IMG_2912 2




I couldn’t get over the peaceful feeling I had when I walked around to take pictures.

People were saying hello and they were happy to be helping out in any way they could help. What a wonderful message of hope!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful work the artists have done so far.

I was not able to join them today but I plan on helping paint something soon. Stay tuned…











My new venture will be to  sell a line of paint called Heirloom Traditions Paint. I am excited to bring a wonderful product to St. Louis and share my love of painting with this new paint line.

The paint is made in Kentucky, is eco-friendly and the company has been in business for 30 years.

I am going to meet Paula Blankenship tomorrow and choose my own colors to sell.

I am so excited to be able to choose the colors of paints, waxes and finishes that will sell well in St. Louis.